In order to meet the needs of some of our existing clients, we have recently drafted a guidance document on Understanding Police Procurement. This document demystifies the purchasing arrangements that each of the English and Welsh Police Forces have in place.

Whilst we can help you win police tenders, not all Police requirements are put out to tender. Each Force has purchasing thresholds, which mean different levels of spend have different processes or procedures attached to them. Winning lower value contracts with the Police is an excellent way of improving your business’s experience in supplying this customer area – which means the opportunity to have more references available to you in your next full tender submission.

The Understanding Police Procurement guidance document provides you with an overview of each Force’s procurement arrangements, detailing financial thresholds and methods of procurement. In addition it also details how the Forces are organised regionally and where regional collaboration is a factor in their procurement habits. Furthermore, the tendering sites that the Forces use are also detailed –ensuring that you are able to register for all electronically advertised opportunities for all Forces.

Our clients who have received this document so far have given us some great feedback on the level of explanation and detail within the document. If purchasing this guidance document might be of interest to you, please do email us at for further information.


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