PQQ & ITT Writing

Win public sector contracts with PQQ & ITT Writing

Vicki’s past experience as a Public Sector buyer and current experience as a tender writer means that we fully understand the way in which tender documents are put together and how the buyer’s evaluation of your return is conducted.

We will apply our knowledge of weighting and scoring systems, to target your written responses to ensure that your bid maximises your chances of achieving high scores under evaluation.

Our costs for writing are genuine quotes that reflect your specific project need, so we always like to see the documentation first. By doing this we can then provide a bespoke quote that is tailored to the tender on your desk.  Our quotes are based on a standard daily rate, which is affordable, reasonable and competitive.

PQQ & ITT Writing

Don’t struggle alone, we can help you write your tender!

The writing  principles that we use are simple

  • Answer the questions asked – this seems obvious, but many businesses fail to do this.

  • Keep the response in line with both the specification and the aims and objectives of the buying organisation.

We write your tender submission by liaising with key members of your team. We often find that involving the customer facing members of your team in discussions regarding the tender process can really add value to the responses that we build – as they understand the customers’ perspectives well. You may wish to delegate to them certain sections or questions within the tender. We all work together to build thorough responses that produce a winning tender.

Five Steps to ease you into writing with Tender Victory


Once you give us the go ahead to complete the tender with you Tender Victory assigns a dedicated tender writer to work with you. We both agree a timeline for completion, working back from the submission deadline. Your writer will then read through the documentation and pull out the aims and objectives of the buyer in this procurement.


We look at the scoring and weighting – by doing this we understand which questions have the potential for the highest marks available, as these are the areas most important to the buyer.


We then start to look at the questions and think about theming of the responses in line with your unique selling points, as well as the aims and objectives of the tender.


Your tender writer will keep in good contact with you, as we work together towards the submission deadline. At all times we liaise with you to ensure we are pitching your business at the right level.


Our skilled writers know how to work with you and draw out from you pertinent company information that will make your bid personal, tailored and stand out from the rest in the eyes of the buyer.

We appreciate the terminology can be daunting and so we turn it into plain English for you, in order to ensure you have a full understanding of the process. PQQ, ITT, RFQ, PIN, OJEU, Open, Restricted are just some of the acronyms and keywords used within public sector processes. Do you understand them and their application?


Submission Service

A lot of tender submissions these days are part of an e-procurement process where the buyer asks you to upload and submit your responses, supporting statements and attachments online. Our experience has shown that this can often be a daunting step for small businesses as technology can be confusing and can fail right at the moment when you need it most.  Therefore we offer a submission service on your behalf whereby we put in place the safety nets to avoid technology failures, and ensure your entire response is fully submitted ahead of the deadline.

Where a hard copy submission is requested we electronically complete the presentation of the tender up to the point of printing. You can then arrange for the printing, binding and delivery of the tender yourself.

We offer complementary support after submission to assist with the next stages. You will find that some tender processes have a presentation, or site visit after the ITT stage. We will provide you with advice on how to prepare for these important final stages of the process. Additionally, after contract award we will happily guide you through obtaining detailed feedback on your submission from the buyer and the ‘right way’ to word emails and correspondence to them. This is a very important and often underutilised area of public sector tendering that can really help inform future tender submissions.

Are you happy to write the first draft of your tender yourself? If so then we can still provide you with valuable assistance, please refer to our Tender Review and Analysis service.

PQQ & ITT Writing - Summary of Service

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