Do you know where to find tenders and contracts? Perhaps you know that tendering for public sector contracts is something that you would like to do for your business, but are unsure of where to start… Read on to find out more!

There are a number of ways in which you are able to find tenders that are suitable for your business to bid for. There are chargeable subscription services such as Tenders Direct, B2B Quote, and PublicTenders.Net in addition to free to access tender and contracts databases such as TED (Tenders European Daily) and Contracts Finder

Many of these tender sites and procurement portals will email alerts to you regarding forthcoming opportunities. We have compiled a directory of all the free-t0-register sites that we are aware of here in our eSourcing Directory

Once you have selected a tender opportunity that you wish to pursue, in the case of on-line tenders you will need to register with the relevant portal to express an interest to access the documentation. When registering with such portals, you are usually asked to select category codes against your areas of business. These category codes are then used to alert you of any future opportunities listed on the portal that match your area of business. Assuming you are correctly registered, alerts of new tenders and opportunities are emailed to you automatically from the portal(s) – meaning that you do not have to re-visit the sites to check on new opportunities.

If the product or service that you supply is restricted to a particular region, county or geographic area you can use portal registrations as a way of being automatically alerted to contracts in those specific areas. When setting up your alerts, on some portals you are able to select regions or counties that are of interest to your business.

You can also consider identifying your potential public sector customers by authority type, for example, Emergency Services, Council or NHS and registering with the e-tendering sites for those you would like to supply.

Identifying e-tendering portals by region covered or authority type in this way can enable you to receive tender alerts without having to pay a subscription fee to one of the independent tender subscription services.

At Tender Victory, we work with a range of clients in monitoring and assessing their tender alerts. Some of our clients deliver services which are geographically restricted, others are able to work across the Country. For those that are restricted by location, we identify all of the authorities within their reach area that they would like to tender to. For the clients to whom we provide this monitoring and assessment service, our monitoring of their tender alerts from e-tendering portals means that we need only contact our clients with tender opportunities that are right for them to pursue. Accordingly they do not need to be distracted by the many daily emails of opportunities that are just not relevant to them. This works very well for our client who needs to register in waste categories, but do not provide general or municipal waste services (for which there are lots of alerts!). Another example of where this works well is for a client who supplies the Police, but do not provide products relating to Police ICT (for which there are also a number of alerts!).

This monitoring and assessment is our Tender Alerts Administration Service. Please contact us for more information, or follow this link to read more and download our summary of service.

In summary:

Q: How do I find tenders and contracts?
A: To find tenders and contracts without subscription fees, decide which authorities you would like to work with and register on their e-procurement portals. You can find details of many free portals and their coverage area in our eSourcing Directory.

Q: Where to find tenders and contracts?
A: To find tenders and contracts without subscription fees, regularly check Contracts Finder and TED in addition to registering with portals as described above. If you are happy to pay a subscription fee, register with Tenders Direct or B2B Quote and they will email alerts directly to you.

Alternatively, contact us to discuss our Tender Alerts Administration  Service so that we can save you the hassle of trawling the e-procurement portals and sites and managing the many alerts received.