We pride ourselves in offering a full service tender consultancy. Not only do we provide services for SQ & ITT Writing, and Review & Analysis, we are also able to support your public procurement and tendering activities by providing a range of additional support services. These include our submission service, Tender Alerts Administration Service and Public Procurement Training Service. We have provided more detailed information on each of these services via the information and pages below.


Online Submission Service

Online submissions can be complicated and time consuming as well as daunting. Our Submission Service is designed to ease the stress of this final hurdle. We ensure that we are able to upload your online submission in advance of the deadline, with all of its attachments and supporting documentation. We plan our submissions by arranging back-up devices and secondary internet access to be on stand-by. This ensures that the submission will not be adversely affected by a computer, or technological, failure. For further details, please see the Submission Service page and download the Summary of Service.


Tender Alerts Administration Service

Is your business registered with all of the e-procurement portals for the authorities and organisations with whom you would like to do business? If so, do you find that you receive tender alerts that are not actually relevant to you? If not, do you wonder what contract opportunities you may be missing out on? The Tender Alerts Administration Service is designed to ease the burden of accessing potential opportunities for your business. We monitor all email alert traffic for you, which means we only contact you when an opportunity that really matches your business is advertised. We receive and administer all alerts and manage all e-procurement correspondence. For further details, please see the Tender Alerts Administration Service page and download the Summary of Service.


Public Procurement Training Service

If you or your team would benefit from training, to better understand the procurement processes involved when tendering with Public Sector organisations, we have two training packages designed to help:

1. Understanding Public Sector Procurement
2. SQ & ITT Writing for Public Sector Procurement

Training is delivered at scheduled events around the country or directly to your team at your premises. For further details, please see the Public Procurement Training page and download the Summary of Service.

We feel the above services deliver a Full Service Tender Consultancy however if there is something that you require assistance with that is not listed in the above please get in touch we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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