Within the following directory, you will find a list of free to register eSourcing sites and the varying organisations that advertise their tender opportunities thereon. For ease of use, we have recorded them by geographic region.

There are 14 regions in total, including London. Within the London worksheet, you will notice that the member authorities are listed by Borough or by Council. We have also included a “national” worksheet that includes the details of organisations who are not restricted to a particular geographic region.

A number of organisations advertise tender opportunities on more than one eSourcing portal / website, we have done our best to capture these.

The numbers shown in brackets next to each region indicate the number or portals listed for that region. There are then multiple organisations listed against each portal by organisation name.

This directory is a live resource which we update quarterly. Accordingly, if you find any sites that we have not listed, please do drop us a line and we will add it on the next revision. Many thanks.

Read our blog about registering with free tender alert portals here and here.

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