Our Bid Strategy Coaching Service is designed for businesses and organisations that recognise that tendering is a great way of achieving business growth and stability, but are unclear of how to define a strategy which makes the best use of their resources and improves their win rate when pursuing tender opportunities.

Are you clear on your bidding strategy?

  • Are you feeling frustrated that you’re not winning as many bids as you want (or any at all?)
  • Do you feel as though you’re going for bids without really knowing what your strategy is?
  • Do you know which contract and tender opportunities to target?
  • Are you feeling unclear about how to recognise the suitability of tenders when finding and assessing notifications and opportunities?
  • Are you ‘going for everything’ in the hope that you’ll win at least some and create some momentum?
  • Are you or your team finding it difficult to put everything together to make a really great bid because you’re not clear on your focus and direction?


Why choose Bid Strategy coaching?

If you don’t take the time to clarify how and why you are bidding, you can create unnecessary challenges and waste valuable resources. For example:

  • You have a ‘scattergun’ approach (bidding for anything and everything) or ‘when you have time’ rather than what is important to you and fits with your values and business plan;
  • You waste time, money and effort on bidding for contracts which you aren’t able to win, deliver, or are not suited for;
  • You haven’t planned ahead to have the systems and structures to support the new business when it comes in;
  • You haven’t planned ahead to ensure you have a bid library that will support your bid submissions;
  • You find yourselves in contracts that you struggle deliver or which are not profitable.

Choose bid strategy coaching to provide you with the capability to identify, define and clarify your bidding strategy, so that when an opportunity presents itself, you will be able to identify the potential of that opportunity and put yourself in the best position to quickly make a bid/no-bid decision in line with your strategy.

We can help you achieve clarity around bidding and feel confident about how to find, choose and select bids which fulfil your aims and ensure you maximise the time and resources.


What is bid coaching?

Coaching is a partnership approach to achieving goals through structured discussion. Bid coaching focuses specifically on the optimum approach to bidding for your business, including identifying your bidding strategy, determining bidding priorities, effective use of resources, clarifying action steps and providing accountability.

Techniques used in bid coaching include open and closed questioning, planning and reverse goal engineering, active listening and direct communication.

For example, if you aren’t clear on what bids you should go for, we’ll explore what bidding strategy could fit in with your overall business development approach. We’ll identify what’s a priority for you and together, create an action plan so you have a clear framework for reviewing and making decisions about the opportunities that you find.

Find out how we can tailor our bid strategy coaching for your organisation, to help you to shape your winning bid strategy – contact us today.

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