A creative services agency was in the process of implementing its growth strategy and increasing its business development team. Part of the strategy was for new team members to engage with the public sectorand grow their leads and contracts. Theagency engaged Tender Victory to provide training to the Business Development Team to ensure that they could meet their public sector growth objectives.


As public sector spending is controlled and regulated through local procurement policies and the Public Contract Regulations 2015, the agency were finding that they were unable to use their existing sales and marketing techniques to engage with public sector buyers.


Tender Victory’s training package “Understanding Public Sector Procurement” was delivered to the client, at their London premises, across a single half day training session.


The team remained engaged and enthusiastic throughout the training session, they raised questions and discussion points (which we strongly encourage in our sessions) which demonstrated their new understanding of the new subject matter.


The client went on to use the knowledge they had gained in our training to source public sector tenders that were suitable for their business to deliver. They drafted tender responses and engaged our Review & Analysis service, to ensure that they stood an excellent chance of their submissions being successful – which they were! Another great win, this time for a client new to engaging with the public sector, who put their Tender Victory training and review services to excellent use.

Client Feedback

Vicki was clear and concise in her delivery. She took me through the entire tendering process from both the buyer’s and supplier’s sides. I would definitely recommend Tender Victory’s Tendering Process Training!


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