Our client, a Community Care provider, tendered to large City Council for a position on a multi-million pound framework in the north of England.As a new business, our client had an excellent team of experienced individuals. Their approach to care provision had also been recognised as unique and refreshing by senior council executives. However, the business itself was a start-up and the team lacked any tendering experience.


As a new business they were unable to demonstrate that the business itself had experience in delivering the service when entering the PQQ (Pre-Qualification Questionnaire) stage of the procurement process in June 2011.


Tender Victory recognised that from the experience of the individuals and the strong financial backing in place, that the business was a worthy candidate for the procurement process. We therefore formulated an approach that enabled us to demonstrate the capability of the business and the individuals that were part of it. Through careful clarifications with the Council’s procurement representatives, and by working closely with the Care Provider, we were able to include the past experience of the team within their PQQ submission and also detail the firm standing the business had achieved through serious investment and a thorough and robust approach to policy implementation and management.


The Provider was successful at PQQ stage!


By working closely with the MD and questioning the team carefully, Tender Victory was able to include their combined experience in a meaningful way that was relevant to the specification and PQQ questions. We were delighted to work with them again on the next stage of the procurement, their ITT (Invitation to Tender) submission. Unfortunately, no tender was awarded as a result of this procurement. However the work on this submission created the start of a bid library that the business was able to refer to on future submissions.

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