As the existing incumbent supplier to the procuring police force, with a good track record, our security industry supplier was in a good position to understand the requirements of the Force in this new contract which was being tendered in 2011/12. However the new contract had additional requirements and service levels, and was also to encompass a larger geographical area.


Our security firm lacked the time, resources and experience required to complete the PQQ (Pre-Qualification Questionnaire) tendering documentation.


Having reviewed the Force’s requirements carefully, we spent time with the MD over a number of meetings and telephone conversations discussing the details relevant to the questions that had been raised. As the supplier was the incumbent and also local to the Force area, we were able to use careful questioning to pull from them existing and local knowledge to support the answers and provide good evidence.


The security firm was successful at PQQ stage!


By ensuring that we used detail from their existing knowledge and experience in a way that was relevant to the responses required, we were able to work with them to enable them to submit a winning PQQ.

We were delighted to work with them again on the next stage of the procurement, their ITT (Invitation to Tender) submission. This they also won – meaning that they were awarded the contract!

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