Our client supplies services to a utilities companies and had worked with the tendering utilities company previously on multiple small contracts, including delivering a successful pilot project with them. The utilities company invited our client to tender for a scheme that was similar to that which they were delivering for the pilot project. The client team had previously written their own bids successfully, but wanted some support in ensuring this particular bid was ‘top notch’.


The bid responses required a number of substantial method statements and the team were struggling to allocate the resource required. Originally they wanted our help to ensure the standard, language and presentation was at the level expected by the procurement process, as well as some help writing some of the method statements.

However, on commencing the drafts, they decided that they would instead prefer us to take on the management and writing of all the responses. This meant additional upfront work by our writer to collate and understand, then produce the necessary content to be able to manage the process under a pressured timetable, as well as ensuring that the method statements met the requirements, were structured well and were compliant.


Our writer held a series of (remote) meetings with the key individuals in the client organisation to help identify the key win themes, project examples and details that needed to be included in the responses to ensure every important detail was captured.

Our writer then drafted concise, effective responses which met all the requirements of the specification within the page limits, liaising with a senior director to identify additional details and evidence to ensure each method statement had the best chance of achieving the highest scores.

The bid was also critiqued through our robust QA process, providing a buyer’s perspective on the draft bid before it was finalised and submitted.


Our client was delighted to learn that they had been selected as the winning bidder to supply the contract to the utilities company. This was a particularly exciting win as it allowed the company to expand whilst working with existing bases and resources that had already been set up. Not only that but the bid scored a whopping 95% – a testament to the input of the client and also our team’s high standard of work, whilst under pressure of the timescales.


By bringing together the client’s best thinking and gathering the key information upfront, whilst managing the pressured timeframe carefully, we were able to draw out the process, insights and evidence needed to make this a winning bid!

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