Our client had experience in responding to tenders but was not securing the wins and subsequent contracts that it was highly capable of delivering. This was recognised by the Directors and a new approach to tendering was sought in order to improve the win rate and secure long term contracts. This new approach was rolled out in 2015 and continues to date. Tender Victory worked with the Directors and developed a new approach to staged reviews of bids during the drafting process, to deliver responses that were of high quality and technically accurate. This new approach was rolled out in 2015 and continues to date.


Digital forensics is a technically complex area of service provision and has numerous regulatory requirements that need to be met. Ensuring that tenders were submitted in plain English, whilst containing the required amount of technical detail to engage the technical specialists on the evaluation panel, was a key objective.


Working together with our client we developed a phased system of reviews at key stages in the tender planning and drafting process. Staged reviews of draft responses were scheduled into the bid completion project plan. The first stage review of draft responses was undertaken by Tender Victory independently of the client. A peer review was then undertaken whereby the first stage review was presented for discussion and further content sought and agreed. This enabled the subsequent versions of the draft responses to be written. Thereafter the responses were finalised, a final review undertaken, and the document prepared for submission.


Using this new model of working together, with additional review stages, we were able to assist our client in securing wins for contracts that had previously been lost. Further, we assisted the client in winning new business through identifying additional tender opportunities.


By providing a bespoke, tailored version of our standard service offering we have been able to assist this client improve its response to tenders. The company has benefited from our previous work as buyers and use this to shape the company’s current and future strategy for winning tenders.

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