This service enables us to manage the administration of online tendering and procurement registrations and correspondence for you. We ease the burden of trawling potential opportunities and identifying suitable tenders.

We provide this service for two reasons; 1) to ensure that you do not waste time reading and researching opportunities that may look relevant on the face of it – due to simplified alerts and category codes – but actually don’t suit your business at all; and 2) to ensure that each opportunity is assessed and does not end up in your junk email folder due to lack of relevance.

The Tender Opportunity Administration and Management Service includes:

  • Monitoring tender opportunities on your behalf
  • Email alerts
  • Expressions of interest
  • Opt outs
  • Clarifications
  • and any other correspondence

Identify council tenders quickly and easily

Proactively seeking out new opportunities that match your business by registering your business with relevant Public Sector organisations and authorities

When we set up and establish this service, we first discuss with you suitable tenders that match your core business objectives. When we identify an opportunity that meets the parameters discussed as a suitable tender, we alert you to the opportunity and express an interest on your behalf. Should the initial documentation indicate that this is a tender that your business would want to pursue, we raise a quotation and then commence tender writing with members of your team, as detailed on the SQ and ITT Writing page.

The provision of this service is based upon a retainer fee. Should you choose to engage our writing services, we then provide you with quotations for the SQ and ITT Writing, based upon the specific documentation of those tenders you select to pursue.