Our tender writers are experienced professionals who are great at composing compelling answers that really deliver what the buyers’ are looking for in their line of questioning. However, their best responses are always composed when backed up by real evidence.

Our writers create the best responses and bids when you inspire them with great explanations about your company, the products and services you deliver, your company’s Unique Selling Points (USP’s) and how you differ from your competitors.

Wherever possible please give them meaningful evidence, examples and statistics that prove your track record. As it is this “proof” that gives buyers confidence in your offering and results in a higher evaluation score.

Your marketing department should be a great source of written information about your products and services, your USP’s and case studies of projects delivered well.

Before the next tender lands on your desk ask your tender writer what areas they feel you lack in evidence. It’s great to have case studies not just about work you have delivered for clients but also think about case studies that could detail business initiatives such as how your organisation has become GDPR compliant since the new legislation in 2018, maybe your company is working to become more eco-friendly, carbon neutral or similar – think about how you can document that in a case study evidencing your key objectives and the steps your organisation is taking to achieve them.

We recommend you also pull together a library of images that depict what your business does, pictures of the products, your offices, your premises, company vans and similar – all of these help to shape good answers backed up with evidence visual and written. Again your marketing department should be able to help with these and also client testimonials to have on hand if the tender calls for them.

In addition to your tender writer requiring your input with evidence, case studies, images and similar theywill need you to be available to read over responses and feedback in a timely manner to allow them to make adjustments where required. Reviews and amendments should ideally take place well before submission deadline, so we encourage our writers to agree a schedule with which allows for your availability for providing information, taking calls, proof reading and final approval and sign off.

The best possible tenders are when we work together as a team to create the most accurate answer supported by real evidence and accurate information provided by yourselves. When we work together closely with our clients their chances of a win are greatly increased.

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