Before you start writing your tender submission do you sit back and think about what your USP’s are in direct relation to the contract you are bidding for?

We recommend that you do!

Start by writing out your basic USPs. Things like number of years of experience, additional qualifications and accreditations, proximity to contract location (if geography matters), personnel. Remember these USPs should be differentiators and set you apart from your competition.

Then move onto enhancing your USPs and making them relevant to this buyer. What will really impress the buyer and make you stand out over and above the competition? For example, have you delivered an almost identical contract for someone else that has had great results that you can share? Make sure you weave this into as many of the suitable answers as possible and ensure any supporting materials e.g. case studies or reports really have the wow factor. Canva is a free online tool where you can set up branded case study templates easily.


If you know that your offering (solution, service or product) is totally unique make sure that:

  • It carries a strong identity, for example it has a brand name
  • You detail any awards it or you have won perhaps you refer to it as your Award Winning, Industry Leading Solution called X.

A tender is also a marketing opportunity, so make sure before starting to write your responses that your offering is marketable and memorable.

If you require any assistance or advice in preparing your business for tendering, please do contact us.

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