One of the guiding principles that we work to at Tender Victory is that tender responses should be responsive to the buyers’ requirements. In the same manner, we also like our services to be responsive to our clients’ requirements. We have pages on our website which explain our standard service offerings, but in addition we often tailor how we deliver these to meet the requirements of our clients. Some clients like to mix and match our services so that we can assist them in a way which best suits their business.

We work with a wide variety of clients, most of them small businesses, but also some micro and medium sized organisations. The level of support that each business requires varies. Accordingly our service delivery is tailored to meet their individual business needs, as detailed in the examples below:

Client 1:

Client 1 has competent in-house resource to draft tender responses, but together we identified that on occasions their interpretation of the specification and the buyer’s requirements could be improved. For Client 1, we therefore provide a summary of the key points and objectives of the buyer’s specification and incorporate this into the writing plan that we develop for them. Our writing plan lists the key points that should be covered in each of the scored responses within their submission. By understanding the aims and objectives incorporated into the specification, we can ensure that these key areas are reflected in the writing plan for the responses.

After Client 1 has drafted their submission, we undertake a Review and Analysis of their submission and provide them with feedback on the draft and any additional areas for improvement.

Client 1 then finalises their response and submits.

Client 2:

Client 2 again has staff available that are competent at writing tender responses. However, due to the technically complex field in which they operate, it is often the case that the tender packs they receive contain lengthy and technically complex specifications, in addition to numerous instructions and terms and conditions. Client 2 therefore engages our services in more of a Bid Management role incorporating the following activities:

1. At the outset of a new tender, we digest the tender response instructions, key objectives, weightings and scoring criteria and provide a summary overview of them.

2. We work with the Client 2 to develop a project plan for the completion of each tender. We take into consideration:

  • key contributing members of staff and their availability
  • the response deadline
  • clarification dates
  • setting suitable dates for staged review of drafts
  • preparation of supporting documents
  • the time required to upload (or very occasionally post) the submission

3.We provide a review and analysis of the draft responses

4. We organise and prepare supporting documents

5. Lastly, we submit the tender response and associated documents

It is important to the team at Tender Victory that we provide a service that is meaningful to our clients. We find that offering flexibility in the way in which we deliver our services provides them with great additional value. If you would like to understand how we can tailor our services to meet the particular needs of your business, please do not hesitate to drop us a line.

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