This summer, we thought it might be fun to go retro and take inspiration from Baz Luhrman’s “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” track, to provide a lighter June blog! So here goes… with a tenders twist!!

Compliance with procurement regulations is the protection your business needs when tendering for public sector contracts.

Prepare your business for the forthcoming changes in public sector procurement by registering for the information sessions and knowledge drops being provided by Government and also tendering authorities and portals, links below:

The Procurement Act 2023 takes effect from
28th October 2024
Tenders published before this time will be conducted under the current regulations (Public Contract Regulations 2015).

When tendering, reflect on the foundation of your business. In your early years, what inspired you to start-up?

What is different about your business (within your industry)?

Writing your USPs into a bid can be critical in truly connecting with buyers and showing understanding, resulting in increased scoring.

The power and beauty of the youth of your business can be transposed into a valid win theme!

Gain insight into future tenders likely to be published. Seize  upon future tender opportunities by ensuring your business is registered with all relevant portals, to ensure you receive early notifications (such as prior information notices) that can contribute to your tender pipeline.

Free to register portals can be accessed here:

Don’t worry about the future, plan for future tenders!

Don’t look too closely to your competitors to see what they are doing.

Don’t pitch yourself comparatively against them.

What makes your business unique?

Consider how your business values and culture can connect with the buyers that you are tendering to?

If you need help forming a Bid Strategy, to ensure you tender to the right buyers for the right opportunities, seize on the opportunity to benefit from our Bid Strategy Coaching Service.

It will help you add direction to your bidding activities and elevate your win rate.

For tenders where your business doesn’t meet the full selection criteria, do you need to partner with trusted organisations and contractors to collaborate on a bid together?

Enabling you to both seize the opportunity together, rather than miss out on it separately?

Use all available senses when tendering!

Actively listen, whether its to the spoken word in meetings, or to the written word in documents.

Make your responses tangible, so your readers feel that they can reach out and touch the examples and solutions you are offering.

Understand your buyers, try to get a taste of what they are seeking to achieve which each of their procurement projects.

Use sight and insight – get a fresh pair of eyes to review your draft responses, before you submit them. They’ll spot improvements or valid amendments by having fresh perspective.

Sniff out those tender opportunities(!), by making sure you are registered with all organisations with whom you would like to hold contracts. Check out our e-sourcing directory.

Get to know the buyers and evaluators.

Take any opportunity to attend market engagement events, or supplier engagement meetings, to help you understand the buyers, their subject matter experts and their organisations.

Such opportunities give you insight into how to build your bid-specific win themes.

When you have an important tender to complete and submit, when looking at the market of available consultancies, make sure you engage with a company that cares, that will truly work together with you on your bid. Be mindful of quick quotes and firms to whom your bid may just be another number.

We recommend engaging with consultancies and agencies with heart and true values.

When you partner with such an organisation, you will invest in the start of a long term business relationship, that will support your business on your next tender and your future tenders.

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