In February 2023 we wrote a blog about knowing your USPs before you start planning and writing your responses to a bid or tender opportunity. This blog follows a similar train of thought – but advises you on how to extend those USPs into winning bid themes. Developing your win themes should be undertaken before you start writing your tender responses.

To really stand out and have impact, your winning themes should be unique to each tender.

To establish your win themes, consider what you think will win you this contract? What do you think the buyer is looking for and what can your business offer the buyer that differentiates your bid from others they will receive? Look at the buyers background information and website to give you an understanding of what is important to their wider organisation and business strategy.

For example:

  • Added Value
  • Sustainability, Environmental or Social Value considerations
  • Experience and history
  • Quality Management and Best Practice
  • Value for money
  • Collaboration and a partnership approach (that you can really demonstrate)
  • Customer service
  • Qualifications and awards
  • Reputation and trust
  • Innovation

Decide what your win themes are going to be and how you will weave them succinctly into all of the answers that form your overall tender response and submission.

Remember –

  • You need to make sure you are answering the buyer’s questions and not just including your bid themes in a response in a less relevant way.
  • Work out what questions give you the best opportunity to really give evidence of your approach and those winning themes.
  • Make sure to be clear and concise in your responses and inclusion of your bid theme.
  • Your responses should address the customer’s key issues, explain why your company and solution are the best method of addressing those issues and then make sure to back up your claim with credible evidence based on previous experience.

It is also helpful to try and work out what the buyer’s key themes are. For example, if they talk about the importance of collaboration, if they mention they want innovative ideas make sure your win themes are created around those. Can you include statistics that back up your customer service approach e.g. 100% of customers would recommend you to a friend/colleague. Has your product won any innovation awards you can detail and so on?

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